Before and After

Click and drag the circle in the center of the images below to view before and after views.
Joyless lawn before. After - moved walkway and new front garden with no lawn.

Yews, so static and hard before. After - a woodland walk beckons around to the side path. New foundation evergreens are broadleaf instead of needle, with soft low-maintenance grasses and perennials in front.

UFO in the old back garden before. After - Patio includes a seat wall, to make the most of a small space for entertaining.

Rotting timbers and static plantings make little use of what space there is in this city courtyard garden before. After - new stone retaining walls; paving stones have been removed around the base of the new wall to accommodate soft plantings.

Before - open space underneath makes stairs feel like a hulking intrusion. After - new lattice makes stair landing feel grounded in space, and creates a serene border to newly paved and planted courtyard garden.

It is sometimes assumed that utility and beauty are conflicting qualities and that beauty is marred whenever we intrude anything “practical” or merely useful. The maximum of beauty can be realized only when the practical requirements have been fully met. -Landscape Gardening, Frank Waugh, 1922